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Top 8 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

Innovation is changing a lot of things in the world. New technologies are improving lives as well as creating new opportunities. With these new technologies comes new career opportunities and jobs that never existed before. Several years ago some of the new buzz words like big data and machine learning are not in vogue but […]


Total mactches= 64 TOTAL GOALS SCORED – 169 (2.64 per match) OWN GOALS SCORED – 12 PENALTIES TAKEN – 29 PENALTIES SCORED – 22 PENALTIES MISSED – 7 FREE-KICK SCORED – 7 TOTAL RED CARDS – 4 TOTAL YELLOW CARDS – 219 *TOP SCORERS: 1. H. Kane (England) – 6 2. K. Mbappé (France) – […]

Vive la France! Mbappe, Pogba and Griezmann rule the world

France were in trouble despite leading against Croatia in the World Cup final but a couple of moments of genius from Pogba and Mbappe did the trick Say what you like about France, their style of play or lack thereof, but they were the only one of the contending teams to come to Russia and […]