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Pass the Books. Hold the Oil.

Thomas L. Friedman MARCH 10, 2012 EVERY so often someone asks me: “What’s your favorite country, other than your own?” I’ve always had the same answer: Taiwan. “Taiwan? Why Taiwan?” people ask. Very simple: Because Taiwan is a barren rock in a typhoon-laden sea with no natural resources to live off of — it even […]
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When a job interview goes very wrong

  Most of us have a story about a horrific job #interview in our past. Olivia Bland in the UK recently shared hers, saying the CEO “tore both me and my writing to shreds (and called me an underachiever).” Bland also tweeted her response to the company’s job offer (she declined), and the tweet has […]


Dear Lord God, I pray for those who are grieving today. I pray for those who have lost loved ones. I pray for those who have lost relationships. I pray for those who have had to surrender their dreams. I pray for all who have experienced loss of hope and loss of innocence. I pray […]