How to Answer “What Makes You Unique?” in 150 Characters

You’ll sometimes see in online applications a question like, “In 150 characters or fewer, tell us what makes you unique. Try to be creative and say something that will catch our eye!” Since you’ve only got a sentence or two to make your point, you’ll want to boil your answer down to the essentials: single strength and how it makes you perfect for this job.

So taking the examples above, here’s how you could condense them to answer the prompt effectively:

I taught myself animation from scratch in college. I don’t just wait for things to happen at work—I proactively and eagerly pursue them.

I started a career in editorial after transitioning from the health industry. Because I was in their shoes, I know what career advice readers need.

I’m incredibly organized and live for my planner—and as a result my old boss never had a missed message or mistake in their schedule.