The Three Key Strategies To Overcome Overwhelm & Achieve Your Desired Results

With the loud city noises and our hectic schedules, we can easily become overwhelmed. So how can we overcome overwhelm and achieve our desired results?

1. Simplify Your Life

Having a life full of complexity is neither fun nor comfortable. Complexity and the details of life can easily contribute to feeling overwhelmed. What if all of the things you currently have unfinished were finished? What if all the little things that you tolerate were addressed and you no longer had to worry about or be irritated by them? By simplifying your life, you’ll experience much more ease and less friction, and you will free up more time to concentrate on the results you truly desire.

2. Practice Extreme Self Care

In our fast-paced world, many times our physical bodies become the last priority. We drag these bodies around nonstop and we can be indifferent to signs of exhaustion. When we practice extreme self-care, our mind, body, and spirit are much more likely to assist us in our other efforts by providing strong support including energy, enthusiasm, and presence. It is similar to a well-tuned car with a full tank of gas. Some examples of self-care activities include sufficient rest, exercise, healthy food, joyful recreation and quality personal time to do things that you enjoy such as a hobby or journaling. By truly practicing extreme self-care, you will experience more energy to achieve your desired results.

3. Celebrate The Unique You

Often in our hectic lives, it can feel like we are mostly doing what we should or must do. Things that we love to do are left for the occasional day off or vacation. Only when we do something that we love to do on a regular and sufficiently frequent basis will we get to experience the level of joy that we desire. If you must use your weaknesses more of the day, it can be very unfulfilling. On the other hand, if you get to use your strengths on a daily basis, you will do the activity very well and it will feel great. Often our biggest results will come from operating in our strengths or personal gifts. By truly celebrating the unique you, you will experience more fulfillment, joy, and power to achieve your desired results.

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