When a job interview goes very wrong


Most of us have a story about a horrific job #interview in our past. Olivia Bland in the UK recently shared hers, saying the CEO “tore both me and my writing to shreds (and called me an underachiever).” Bland also tweeted her response to the company’s job offer (she declined), and the tweet has since gone viral.

Bland’s experience sounds like a stress interview, which is designed to see how someone performs under pressure. Tech giants like Google have used some version of this strategy, asking candidates seemingly bizarre questions like “How many haircuts do you think happen in America every year?” presumably in order to see how they solve problems.

But experts — including Google’s former HR chief — say structured, job-specific interviews are more effective at predicting performance. In other words, ask every candidate for a position the same series of questions about how they handled or would handle, different work scenarios.

As for Bland, the CEO recently tweeted his apology and a company investigation found no evidence of bullying or intimidation.

Have you ever sat through a stress interview (or at least a stressful interview)? How did you handle it? Share your stories in the comments below:

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